Top 9 Trendy Apps of 2019

Top 9 Trendy Apps Of 2019

We continue to review interesting applications for the two most popular mobile platforms – Android and iOS.

In the current format, the first are apps without reference to the OS, and the second ones are applications combined with a certain theme. You can still see official ratings on Google and Apple.

1. Mondly AR app

Top 9 Trendy Apps Of 2019 Mondly Ar App

The Mondly app will use AR to help you learn a new language. The Augmented Reality Experience (AR), called MondlyAR, will run in the Android Mondly Application on Google Play.

MondlyAR will be available for free for some introductory segments, and the rest can be obtained by paying a monthly fee of $10.

MondlyAR uses speech recognition technology and combines it with augmented reality experience. A virtual teacher appears on the screen and tries to talk to you in order to teach you different languages.

You can learn American English, British English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese,and Spanish through AR in this application.

This means that AR will not be available on all Android devices.

It will be supported on the following devices at launch: Asus Zenfone AR, Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, LG V30, LG V30 +, OnePlus 5, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 +, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 +.

2. Ingress

Top 9 Trendy Apps Of 2019 Ingress

Ingress is a game with augmented reality in which you need to go to the specific real places and hack portals. The game has two factions: Enlightened and Resistance.

Widely popular in narrow circles, the Niantic Project was a viral ad for this trickster. A scientific experiment at CERN created a chain reaction that released unusual energy (XM) around the world.

As a result, portals were formed in such places as monuments, museums,and other public places.

How to play?

  • Look for portals nearby on the map (registration is required).
  • Go to the portals.
  • Within a radius of 50 meters from the portal, start hacking them.
  • Successful hacking will give you different items: keys, resonators, XMP and so on.
  • On each portal, you need to install 8 resonators.
  • Installing shields will reduce the likelihood of hacking.
  • Head to the next portal and repeat the steps.
  • Two portals can be linked.

Is it possible to create portals?

  • You need to enable GPS tags in the camera application.
  • Take a photo of a landmark.
  • Share photo via NIA Super OP.
  • Email for review.

If the photo meets the general requirements for portals, it will be added to the game in 2-3 weeks.

Secret phrases

There are keys in this wonderful Google account. Keys are being investigated by the Niantic Project website.

Hacking and seizure of portals

When you approach an enemy portal, you can attack it with XMP and eventually hack it.

3. AR Flashcards

Top 9 Trendy Apps Of 2019 Ar Flashcards

AR Flashcards is a new way to interact and make Flashcards more interesting for toddlers and preschoolers.

When you send your device to a printed flashcard, a beautifully rendered 3D animal will appear on the screen. Touch the animal to hear the letter and the name of the animal.


  • 26 beautiful animals will help your kid or preschooler learn the alphabet!
  • Touch each animal to hear the letter and name of the animal!
  • Touch the screen capture button to save your beautiful AR animals drawings!
  • Double-tap onthe screen will bring the focus button into working condition so that you can adjust the camera of your device in order to bring the animals to working condition.
  • You can print flashcards, or, if you own two iOS devices, you can access flashcards from the app in the beautiful gallery!

4. WooYou

Top 9 Trendy Apps Of 2019 Wooyou

This is a new application based in Toronto. Here, you can find the perfect partner based on common interests and actions. Ukrainian dating site does not exclude the fact that you can meet your soulmate here.

5. 4D Anatomy

Top 9 Trendy Apps Of 2019 4d Anatomy

Hungarian scientists created a revolutionary four-dimensional map of a man. In one computer program, the inventors have connected thousands of interactive images of surgical incisions.

The development allows one to study the structure of the body by an unprecedented method and even to conduct virtual operations in real time.

As the inventors say, the anatomical atlas is intended primarily for medical students. It allows you to observe at lectures the course of the operation from the most convenient angles with different scaling.

6. Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival

Top 9 Trendy Apps Of 2019 Ghost Snap Ar Horror Survival

A short but exciting horror game which is recommended to play with headphones and with the lights off. The application illuminates the premises with a flash of a smartphone and makes the image on the screen green.

So it seems that you are wandering in the dark with a camera switched to night mode, as in Outlast. The task of the player is to look for graffiti and photograph them.

7. Lumyer

Top 9 Trendy Apps Of 2019 Lumyer

The app uses roughly the same technology as Snapchat and Instagram. However, in Lumyer, filters are superimposed on non-real-time selfies.

First, you take a picture, and then add animated effects and save the image as a gif. You can work with videos in the program. In this case, filters are applied on the go.

8. WallaMe

Top 9 Trendy Apps Of 2019 Wallame

The program is trying to prepare you for the future in which social networks have become part of every aspect of life.

WallaMe allows you to turn the whole world into one huge canvas and leave secret messages on it. Point the camera of the smartphone on the wall of a building and draw something.

An occasional passer-by will never know about your message, but those with whom you share it or who is nearby will be able to see it.

9. Holo

Top 9 Trendy Apps Of 2019 Holo

The app for fans of cool selfies. With the help of Holo, you can add various animated characters to the frame and remove creative plots with their participation. Among the available holograms are Spiderman, zombies, wild animals, and more.

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